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10 Engaging Business Coaching Social Media Post Ideas

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If you’re a business coach, you know that social media is a powerful tool to reach new clients and grow your business. But creating a consistent content plan can be difficult! You want your content to be authentic and relevant so you attract your ideal audience but you might be thinking how?! So here are some social media post ideas for business coaches:

Share your story. Why did you become a business coach? What has been your most rewarding experience?

Offer tips and advice. What are some of the best tips you’ve learned for growing a business? Or, what are some common mistakes businesses make? Useful advice like this creates trust between your business and your followers.

Share inspiring quotes. What motivates you? Share quotes that inspire you and your clients.

Offer free resources. Do you have any helpful e-books or templates that business owners can use? Or even creating your own lead magnet to share with your followers is a fantastic way to create trust.

Announce new blog posts. Along side social media, you should try to keep a blog centered around your business. You can use this blog posts to keep your followers up-to-date & will allow them to click through to your website.

Share client success stories. Nothing is more inspiring than reading about how your business has helped other businesses  succeed!

Promote events and webinars. If you’re hosting an event or webinar, let your social media followers know!

Get personal. Share photos and stories from your own life. Let your followers get to the face behind the business as it helps build trust!

Share a Challenge. People love challenges! Why not create your own challenge that you and your followers can work on together? This will allow you to share your journey over the course of a week or month! Some ideas could include journaling or setting a morning routine.

Start a discussion. Ask your audience a question which will open a discussion on your comments. This allows for interaction between you and your audience & it will lead to making new connections!

Feel free to use these ideas as posting valuable content is what attracts clients!

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