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Navigating the eCommerce Landscape: Top 5 Etsy Alternatives

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As of late, Etsy has made the controversial decision to hold 75% of sellers’ earnings for 45 days. This policy shift has caused a significant amount of discontent among its community, as many sellers rely on a quick turnover to maintain their business. Consequently, many are now exploring other platforms that may offer better terms.

If you’re among those considering a change, here are the top five Etsy alternatives you may want to consider.

1. Handmade at Amazon


  • Huge customer base: Given Amazon’s ubiquity, sellers can reach a vast customer base.
  • Professional storefront: Sellers can create their customized storefronts, showcasing their products and sharing their story.
  • Shipping benefits: Eligible orders can be fulfilled by Amazon, providing quick and reliable shipping.


  • High competition: Given Amazon’s size, competition among sellers is fierce.
  • Strict guidelines: There are stringent requirements for selling on Handmade at Amazon, and not every craft may qualify.
  • Seller fees: Amazon charges a 15% referral fee, which can eat into profits.

2. Zibbet


  • Multichannel selling: Zibbet allows you to sell across multiple channels, including Etsy, and manage them all from one place.
  • No listing or transaction fees: Unlike Etsy, Zibbet does not charge any listing or transaction fees.
  • Seamless migration: Zibbet offers a tool to import all your products from Etsy easily.


  • Monthly cost: Zibbet charges a monthly fee, so you’ll need to generate enough sales to offset this cost.
  • Smaller market: Zibbet doesn’t have as large of a customer base as Etsy or Amazon.

3. ArtFire


  • SEO benefits: ArtFire uses an algorithm to help your products rank better on search engines.
  • No listing expiry: Unlike Etsy, your listings on ArtFire never expire.
  • Multiple seller plans: ArtFire offers several different plans to cater to various sellers’ needs.


  • Seller fees: ArtFire charges listing and final valuation fees.
  • Smaller customer base: ArtFire has a smaller audience compared to platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

4. Bonanza


  • Easy to use: Bonanza offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface.
  • Import listings: You can import your Etsy listings to Bonanza.
  • Lower fees: Bonanza has lower fees compared to Etsy.


  • Smaller customer base: Like ArtFire and Zibbet, Bonanza also has a smaller audience.
  • Limited customization: Bonanza provides limited customization options for your store.

5. Shopify


  • Full control: Shopify allows you to build your standalone eCommerce site, giving you complete control over your brand and policies.
  • Powerful tools: Shopify offers a wealth of tools for marketing, SEO, and analytics.
  • Wide integrations: Shopify integrates with a broad range of other platforms and services.


  • Monthly cost: Shopify charges a monthly fee, and additional features may require more payment.
  • Learning curve: Building and managing a Shopify store can have a steeper learning curve.

With Etsy’s recent policy changes, many sellers are reconsidering where to do business. Although Etsy’s vast customer base is difficult to ignore, each of these alternatives offers unique benefits that might be more aligned with your specific needs. Before making a decision, be sure to evaluate the pros and cons of each platform carefully. Happy selling!


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